A program to help you improve your financial wellness

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What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is your ability make well-informed financial decisions now and in the future.

Understanding your own finances is the first step to improved financial wellness. If you also apply your knowledge to make effective financial decisions, you’ll join a growing number of Australians who have the skills they need to take control of their finances.

Your Financial Wellness is an independent online platform which helps you understand your finances so you can make informed decisions about your financial future.

The first step towards your goals

A positive attitude is the single biggest factor influencing your financial wellness. You’re already a step ahead, just by reading this page.

People who are actively curious about their finances are best equipped to grow their wealth and gain greater control over their future.

Our independent online program is provided to you by your employer or financial specialist, at no cost, because it’s in their best interests to help you grow. They know that people who understand and act from a base of financial wellness are less stressed, more productive and most likely to succeed in reaching their goals.

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  • Custom dashboard
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  • Online tools & calculators
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  • Ongoing webinar series
  • Finance Fitness Checkup
  • Budget & cashflow tools
  • E-copy of The Money Book
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Personal finance guides
  • Help Center Support
“Research has shown that an effective financial wellness solution provides more than just education to improve member’s financial literacy – it should also promote behavioural change. This is why the approach taken by Your Financial Wellness is so powerful – the platform guides each member through a personalised journey based on their specific goals and financial situation, ensuring they are better placed to implement the right strategy.”

- Dr John Hoffmire | Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business, University of Oxford.