Why use our platform?

As the government continues to regulate the advice industry, it’s even more important to provide value-added services to your clients.

Ongoing, useful conversations with your clients about their financial arrangements and goals are essential. They help to nurture relationships and drive uptake of relevant products which directly meet client needs.

Your Financial Wellness is an online program which delivers an educational service, empowers your clients and directs them to you before they make any major financial decisions. It helps you anticipate your client’s needs so you can have constructive, well-timed conversations in the circumstances which work best for both of you.

Want To Know More?

The Your Financial Wellness program can give your firm or practice a best-in-class online and mobile solution to help you to educate, engage and connect with your clients anytime, anywhere.

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Email: info@yourfinancialwellness.com.au

How you and your clients benefit

On-going client engagement

Your Financial Wellness can help you deepen client relationships, and increase client investment and engagement with relevant products. Powerful client segmentation informs marketing activity and stimulates feedback loops with the program to deliver richer insights.

Segmentation and analysis

Our powerful back end system analyses and segments users based on demographics, client inputs and client groups. Our analytics also highlight engagement rates which can be used to identify a client’s need for products and services.

Insight-driven business opportunities

Combined with your existing client data we can help you unlock and qualify new opportunities to work with clients to achieve their goals. You can use the insights gained to develop stronger client relationships as gaps and opportunities arise.

Customised communications

We develop regular communications under your branding, to ensure an ongoing conversation between your clients and the services your practice can provide. It means you can redirect some of your communication resources towards other activities, increasing your firm’s productivity and revenue-generating opportunities.

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