Financial Stress in Australia

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Financial Wellness

"Financial Wellness is an individual’s ability to understand money and finances to be confident enough to apply that knowledge to make effective financial decisions."

At night many Australians ponder how to make ends meet. They worry over children who are finding it difficult to enter the workforce and friends who have lost jobs. When morning comes, these same Australians take their places in factories and offices where they are expected to do their best to compete across a global economy. But these workers don’t leave their money worries at home – but we don’t learn about managing your finances in high school schools or in universities or workplaces.

Your Financial Wellness has been specifically designed to help Australian individuals and households make more informed decisions relating to events that affect our financial future by helping them better manage their personal finances, achieve financial security and generate wealth.

Financial Stress: The Facts

Financial problems are the top sources of stress for both women and men and it’s the second most common reason for relationship break-up. If an emergency strikes, Australian workers and their families also have few resources to fall back on – according to the ME Bank Household Financial Comfort Report released in August 2014, 34% of households have less than $1,000 cash on hand and 24% said they could not raise $3000 in an emergency.

1/3 of Australian households
have less than $1,000 cash on hand

 of Australian households
could not raise $3,000 in an emergency

The Australian Psychological Society has been conducting its Stress and Wellness in Australia survey since 2011. It found that financial issues remain the top source of stress for the nation, with “more than half of Australians identifying finances as a cause of stress”. The survey also shows that those aged between 18 and 35 were highly stressed about being able to pay for essential needs because of uncertainty about the ongoing availability of work in the post Global Financial Crisis economy.

Did you know that:

“Over one-third of Australian adults find dealing with money stressful, even when things are going well.”

Your current attitudes to money could be dictating your overall financial success - understanding this could improve your fortunes forever.Becoming more financially literate improves your chances of becoming a better money manager - better at choosing financial products, keeping track of finances and staying informed.