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Your Financial Wellness is an online program made available to all MOVE Bank customers at no cost to help you strengthen your financial literacy and confidence. You can access valuable budgeting calculators, educational articles, and other finance tools.

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A simple way to learn an invaluable life skill

Small changes you make to your finances today have enormous impacts in the future.

When you consider how financial wellness can influence your financial, mental and physical security, it’s easy to see why it’s such an invaluable life skill. Yet, it’s not taught in schools. Many people learn financial management from their families and friends, and by learning from their own experiences. Persuasive messages in the competitive financial markets can make it a challenge to work out what’s right for you.

Your Financial Wellness is an independent online program designed to help strengthen your financial wellness.

Our program includes the following resources:

Financial Wellness Snapshot

A snapshot of your overall wealth position, and an action plan for how you can make real financial progress.

Your Financial Fitness

Find out in five minutes how financially fit you are, and how you can improve your fitness in the future.

My Budget Plan

A budget planner to help you plan where your money is going and how to redirect it so your savings can grow.

Action Step Programs

A range of self-paced tutorials specifically designed to help you gain a better understanding of your personal finances, and a dashboard so you can track your progress.

Strategy Guides

We have developed over 60 smart strategies that enable you to put your newfound knowledge to practical use and make real financial progress.

The Money Book

The Money Book Household finance system points the way to getting organised and more in control of your everyday finances by giving you steps to follow, with support tools and tips online. It provides clear explanations of household finance.


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