Our Mission

"The evolution of Australian society and the Australian financial system have made financial literacy a necessary and critical skill for consumers and investors."

The growing range of financial products available, changes in demography, and increases in consumer responsibility for superannuation decisions and retirement incomes have all increased the importance of having sound financial literacy


skills – but we don't learn about managing your finances in high school schools or in universities or workplaces.

Your Financial Wellness has been specifically designed to help Australian individuals and households make more informed decisions relating to events that affect our financial future by helping them better manage their personal finances, achieve financial security and generate wealth.

Our People:

Alexander Hassall


Alexander is responsible for YFW’s product development and manages the product delivery/development process. He has a background in the financial services industry and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science and a Master of Business Administration.

Adam Wan

Solution Architect

Adam has been the head of IT and web architecture at Your Financial Wellness since mid-2013. He is a highly experienced web technologies developer and business solutions analyst. He specialises in CRM systems and has extensive experience implementing solutions across a number of industries.

Mike Roberts

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Mike has 30 years experience using his demographic and marketing background analysing customer behaviour within both large Banks and the Mutual Financial Sector. Mike developed an Industry wide behavioural data base for the Mutual Financial Sector from which he delivered strategic analysis and Insights to over 80 Mutual Institutions. At YFW, Mike uses his knowledge to ensure users maximise the value of data collected in helping deepen relationships between Mutual and members.